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Gynecologist Found Guilty of Medical Negligence After 20 Years

Dr. Kanwardeep Randhawa, a gynecologist working at Randhawa Hospital in Jaipur was found to be guilty of medical negligence on the case filed by complainant Mohammad Illiyas for death of the child and hysterectomy in in his wife. This case is from May 2001. According to document and newspaper clippings received by, Dr. Kanwardeep […]


NMC bill 2019

THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2019 was passed by Loksabha on 30th July 2019. A copy of the NMC bill 201 is attached below. Some points in the NMC bill 2019 which I think could be controversial are as follows: 50. (1) There shall be a joint sitting of the Commission, the Central Council of […]

JJ Hospital Resident Doctors Calling Off Emergency Services To Demand Proper Security

JJ Hospital residents doctors have released a notification saying that they are calling off emergency services. In view of the previous letter dated 19/05/18, MARD/35/2018  we had intimated your office that all the residents will be calling off emergency services at 10:00 AM on 20/05/18 due to the sluggish response shown to us by the higher […]

Save Doctors to Save yourself – Horrifying attack in JJ Hospital Doctors

Save Doctors to Save yourself: If Doctors can’t be worshipped as God, then don’t condemn them as Devil too… The recent attack on Drs in JJ hospital is horrifying and should be condemned by every1. The Govt. Should take stringent action against the perpetrators.It reminds me the golden words of The then Hon. President of […]

Resident Doctor of Surgery Beaten at JJ Hospital by Patient’s Relatives

Shocking video of JJ hospital resident doctor in general surgery being Beaten up by 4 relatives of a patient. Alleged reason for this incidence is death of the patient for which relatives held doctor responsible. Following is the response of JJ hospital, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD). Residents doctors have gone on strike for […]

For Refund of Rs. 1120, Patient’s Relative Filed a Rs. 150000 Case Against Hospital

Court orders Private Medical & Dental Colleges

For Rs.1120/-claim, case filed for Rs.1,50,000/- !. THANKS to the Court for dismissing the case… Shri Anand Verdhan Maiterya, V/s. St. Stephen Hospital, New Delhi. Case no.: F.A. No.13/2018 Judgment Link : Facts in Short : 1. The Complainant filed this Appeal against the Judgment of Delhi District Forum which dismissed his complaint. 2. […]

Doctors Can Decide Which Patient to Treat or Not, Except Emergency Cases

Stethoscope court

A Physician is free to decide whom he/she will serve, except in case of Emergency – Court rejects 2.5 Crore petition against Doctor & Hospital “ It’s in the interest of Patients that Doctors. should not be dragged to the Court unnecessarily National Commission observed while dismissing the Compliant for damages of Rs.2.5 Crores as […]

Doctors Removed Uterus of 25 Yrs Old Patient Without Consent: Held for Negligence

Stethoscope court

“The consent to operate Uterus does not include Consent to remove it “. A Doctor Couple was held negligent for removing the uterus of a 25 years patient, without her consent … DR. RAVINDER VERMA & ANR. V/s. SALMA BEGAM, U.P.REVISION PETITION NO. 968 OF 2015, decided on 14 Feb 2017 Facts in short :1. […]