DM M Ch after MD MS

After a lot of hard work to clear PG medical entrance exams, students have to face another hurdle after getting a good rank. That hurdle is to choose a good PG specialty branch. Nowadays after doing MD/MS, it has become almost a necessity to do DM/M.Ch as PG seats are increasing every year and so is the competition.

I am enlisting here the MD/MS courses by doing which the students could get into the respective DM/M.Ch courses.

Different States and institutes have different criteria on which super-specialty courses can be done by doing which MD/MS courses. 90% of these criteria are the same in all institutes or states so students have to manually check their respective states of allowed super-specialty courses.

More important than State and Institute rules are MCI Regulations. It mentions all details of all DM/ M. Ch courses and prerequisite MD/ MD courses for a candidate to be eligible for super specialty courses.

The following are MD courses which are the prerequisite for DM courses according to MCI PG Medical Regulation 2000 (click here for pdf).

MCI Rule: D.M. (DOCTOR OF MEDICINE) for which candidates must posses recognized degree of M.D. (or its equivalent recognized degree) in the subject

Area of SpecialisationPrior Requirement
Cardiac AnaesthesiaMD (Anaesthesia)
CardiologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)
MD (Respiratory Medicine)
Child & Adolescent PsychiatryMD (Psychiatry)
Clinical HematologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Pathology)
MD (Paediatrics)
MD (Biochemistry)
Clinical PharmacologyMD (Pharmacology)
EndocrinologyMD (Medicine)
HepatologyMD (General Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)
ImmunologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Pathology)
MD (Microbiology)
MD (Paediatrics)
MD (Biochemistry)
MD (Physiology)
Medical GastroenterologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)
Medical GeneticsMD/MS in any subject
Medical OncologyMD (Medicine)
MS (Radiotherapy)
MD (Paediatrics)
NeonatologyMD (Paediatrics)
NephrologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)
NeurologyMD (Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)
Neuro-radiologyMD (Radio-Diag.)
Paediatrics CardiologyMD (Paediatrics)
Paediatrics GastroenterologyMD (Paediatrics)
RheumatologyMD (General Medicine)
MD (Paediatrics)

For D.M. Endocrinology (Note: MD – (Biochemistry) not eligible vide notification No.: MCI – 18(1)/2011-Med dated 17.04.2013)
M.D. (Respiratory Medicine) was added to Cardiology
MD (Paediatrics) & MD (Biochemistry) were deleted from Endocrinology
Following DM courses were added by MCI

  • DM (Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care)
  • DM(Critical Care Medicine)
  • DM(Paediatric Hepatology)
  • DM (Neuro -Anaesthesia)
  • DM (Paediatric Nephrology)
  • DM (Reproductive Medicine)
  • DM (Infectious Disease)
  • DM (Virology)
  • DM (Paediatric Oncology)
  • DM (Geriatric Mental Health)

The following are MS courses which are the prerequisite for M. Ch courses according to MCI PG Medical Regulation 2000 (click here for pdf).

MCI Rule: M.Ch. (MASTER OF CHIRURGIE) for which candidates must posses recognized degree of M.S. (or its equivalent recognized degree)

Area of SpecialisationPrior Requirement
Cardiovascular & Thoracic SurgeryMS (Surgery)
UrologyMS (Surgery)
Neuro-SurgeryMS (Surgery)
Paediatrics SurgeryMS (Surgery)
Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryMS (Surgery)
Surgical GastroenterologyMS (Surgery)
Surgical OncologyMS (Surgery)
MS (Orthopaedics)
MD (Obst. & Gynae.)
Endocrine SurgeryMS (General Surgery)
Gynecological OncologyMD/MS (Obst. & Gynae)
Vascular SurgeryMS (General Surgery)
Paediatric Cardio Thoracic Vascular SurgeryMS (General Surgery)
HepatoPancreatto-Billary SurgeryMS (General Surgery)

Super Specialty Course (DM/ M.Ch) NEET-SS with eligibility courses (MD/ MS/ DNB)

From 2017 onwards NEET-SS has become a nationwide exam for admission into super-specialty courses across India. Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) has published on its website the super Specialty Course (DM/ M.Ch) in NEET-SS with eligibility courses (MD/ MS/ DNB). Following is the list published for NEET-SS 2019 (Source)

Name of Super Specialty CoursePrior Requirement as per PG Medical Education Regulations, 2000 notified by MCI
DM Cardiac AnaesthesiaMD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
DM CardiologyMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
 MD/DNB(Respiratory Medicine)
DM Clinical Haematology MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
 MD/DNB (Biochemistry)
 MD/DNB (Pathology)
DM Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Clinical Pharmacology MD/DNB (Pharmacology)
DM Critical Care Medicine MD/DNB (Emergency Medicine)
 MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Endocrinology MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Gastroenterology MD/DNB (General Medicine)
DM Geriatric Mental Health MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Psychiatry)
DM Hepatology MD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Infectious DiseaseMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
 MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
 MD (Tropical Medicine)
DM Medical GeneticsMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Medical OncologyMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MS/DNB (Radiation Oncology)
DM NeonatologyDNB (Paediatrics)
DM NephrologyMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Neuro RadiologyMD/DNB (Radio-Diagnosis)
DM Interventional RadiologyMD/DNB (Radio diagnosis)
DM NeurologyMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Onco-PathologyMD/DNB (Pathology)
DM Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical CareMD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
DM Paediatric and Neonatal AnaesthesiaMD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
DM Paediatric HepatologyMD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Paediatric NephrologyMD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Paediatric Oncology MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Paediatric CardiologyMD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Paediatric GastroenterologyMD/DNB (Paediatrics)
DM Pulmonary MedicineMD/DNB (General Medicine)
 MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
 MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
MCh Cardio vascular and Thoracic Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Endocrine Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Gynaecological Oncology MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)
MCh Hand Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
 MS/DNB (Orthopaedics)
 MCh /DNB Plastic Surgery)
MCh Head and Neck Surgery MS/DNB (ENT)
 MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Neurosurgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh  Paediatric Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh  Paediatric Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh  Reproductive Medicine & Surgery MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)
MCh  Surgical Gastroenterology/ G.I. Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Surgical Oncology MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Thoracic Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
MCh Vascular Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)

I am also mentioning here details of AIIMS and MH-SSET (Maharashtra Super-Speciality Entrance Test) as mentioned in AIIMS Jan 2015 & MH-SSET 2014 Prospectuses (Information Brochures).


Educational Qualification for AIIMS D.M. Courses

DM CoursePrerequisite Qualification(s)
DM CardiologyM.D. Medicine /Pediatrics
DM NeurologyM.D. Medicine /Pediatrics
DM GastroenterologyM.D. Medicine
DM NephrologyM.D. Medicine /Pediatrics
DM EndocrinologyM.D. Medicine /Pediatrics
DM NeonatologyM.D. Pediatrics
DM Medical OncologyM.D. Medicine /Pediatrics
DM Clinical PharmacologyM.D. Medicine /Pharmacology/ Pediatrics
DM Clinical HaematologyM.D. Medicine/Pediatrics
DM Cardiac-Anesthesiology/ Neuro-AnesthesiologyM.D. Anesthesiology
DM Pulmonary Medicine & Sleep DisordersM.D. Medicine / Pulmonary Medicine / Chest Medicine / Respiratory Medicine
DM HematopathologyM.D. Pathology /Lab. Medicine
DM Neuro-RadiologyM.D. Radiodiagnosis
DM Pediatric NeurologyM.D. Pediatrics
DM Onco-AnesthesiaM.D. Anaesthesiology
DM Critical Care MedicineM.D. Anaesthesiology / Medicine / Chest Medicine
DM Infectious DiseasesM.D. Medicine / Pediatrics / Microbiology
DM Therapeutic Nuclear MedicineM.D. or its equivalent degree in Nuclear Medicine
DM Vascular RadiologyM.D. in Radio-Diagnosis or any equivalent degree
DM Addiction Psychiatry (NDDTC)M.D. in Psychiatry
DM Paediatric Pulmonology & Intensive CareM.D. in Pediatrics or any equivalent degree
DM Paediatric NephrologyM.D. in Pediatrics or any equivalent degree

A Candidate must possess a degree in MD/MS or DNB from a University recognized by the MCI in the respective discipline as mentioned.

Educational Qualification for AIIMS M.Ch Courses

M.Ch CoursePrerequisite Qualification(s)
M.Ch Surgical OncologyM.S. Surgery/ ENT
M. Ch Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryM.S. Surgery / ENT / Orthopedics
M. Ch Trauma Surgery and Critical CareM.S. Surgery / Trauma and Emergency Surgery
M.Ch all other (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, G. I. Surgery, Neuro-Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, and Urology)M.S. Surgery

Data about AIIMS Superspeciality eligibility has been updated from Eligibility in AIIMS January 2015 session prospectus of Post-Graduate & Post-Doctoral Course [DM/M.Ch/Fellowship Programme/MD (Hospital Administration)

One specific thing I would like to point out from AIIMS-DM /MCh / MHA / Ph.D. July 2015 Prospectus is this statement “A Candidate must possess a degree in MD/MS or DNB from a University recognized by the MCI in the respective discipline as mentioned hereunder”. So according to this, even DNB candidates are eligible for AIIMS-DM /MCh courses.

DM/ M.Ch in Maharashtra

Educational Qualification for Maharashtra D.M. Courses

DM CoursePrerequisite Qualification(s)
DM CardiologyMD (Medicine) / MD (Pediatrics) / MD (Respiratory Medicine*)
DM NeurologyMD (Medicine) / MD (Paediatrics)
DM GastroenterologyMD (Medicine)
DM NephrologyMD (Medicine) / MD (Paediatrics)
DM EndocrinologyMD (Medicine) / MD (Paediatrics)
DM NeonatologyMD (Paediatrics)
DM Medical OncologyMD (Medicine) / MD (Paediatrics) / MD (Radiotherapy)
DM Clinical PharmacologyMD (Pharmacology)
DM Clinical HaematologyMD (Biochemistry) / MD (Medicine)/ MD (Paediatrics) / MD (Pathology)
DM Cardiac AnesthesiaMD Anesthesia
DM Paediatric AnaesthesiaMD Anaesthesia

* MD (Respiratory Medicine) includes Tuberculosis & Respiratory Medicine and/or Pulmonary Medicine
and/or TB & Chest Diseases.

Educational Qualification for Maharashtra M.Ch Courses

M.Ch. CoursePrerequisite Qualification(s)
M.Ch. Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery (CVTS)MS (Surgery)
M.Ch. Plastic SurgeryMS (Surgery)
M.Ch. UrologyMS (Surgery)
M.Ch. Neuro SurgeryMS (Surgery)
M.Ch. Pediatric SurgeryMS (Surgery)
M.Ch. Surgical OncologyMS (Surgery) / MS (ENT) / MS (Ortho) / MD (Ob. & Gy.)

As seen in the above tables there a few differences in required qualifications for AIIMS and Maharashtra Super-Speciality courses. I have edited above tables with the latest data from Maharashtra MHSSET 2016 Information Brochure. M.Ch. Surgical Oncology is no longer mentioned in MHSSET 2016 information brochure. The probable reason for this could be no more seats of that specialty being offered by any institute in Maharashtra.

  • In AIIMS MD (Respiratory Medicine) is not allowed to do DM Cardiology.
  • In AIIMS MD (Biochemistry) is not allowed to do DM Endocrinology.
  • In AIIMS MD (Radiotherapy) is not allowed to do DM Medical Oncology.
  • In AIIMS MS (Ortho) / MD (Ob. & Gy.) are not allowed to do M.Ch Surgical Oncology.
  • In AIIMS MD (Biochemistry)/ MD (Pathology) is not allowed to do DM Clinical Haematology.

So candidates are advised to choose their Speciality wisely.

I am updating this article to include the list of Super Specialty Programmes with Eligible Qualification for Diplomate National Board (DNB) Super Specialty (SS) courses as mentioned in Information Bulletin for Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test – Super Specialty 2016 (DNB CETSS 2016).

List of DNB Super Specialty Programmes with Eligible Qualification

DNB Super Specialty ProgrammesEligible Qualification
CardiologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
GastroenterologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
NephrologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
EndocrinologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
NeurologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
Medical OncologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
HematologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Pathology
RheumatologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
NeonatologyMS/DNB in Paediatrics
Medical GeneticsDNB/MD/MS in Paediatrics, General Medicine or Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Cardiac AnaesthesiaMD/DNB in Anaesthesia
Pediatric CardiologyMD/DNB in General Medicine or Paediatrics
Paediatrics SurgeryMS/DNB in General Surgery
Genito Urinary Surgery (Urology)MS/DNB in General Surgery
NeurosurgeryMS/DNB in General Surgery
Plastic SurgeryMS/DNB in General Surgery
Surgical GastroenterologyMS/DNB in General Surgery
Surgical OncologyMS/DNB in General Surgery
Peripheral Vascular SurgeryMS/DNB in General Surgery
Cardio-Thoracic SurgeryMS/DNB in General Surgery

One of the common things asked in this article has been whether a student who has already pursued a PG medical course be allowed to go for another PG medical course or not? I had filed an RTI for the same question and along with me a user of this website Dr. Saumya Singh had also filed an RTI. The reply got by him is as follows:

Registration Number MEDCI/R/2015/60655
Name: Saumya Singh
Date of Filing: 11/12/2015
Request filed with Medical Council of India
Status: REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 08/01/2016
Reply:‐ The Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 are silent regarding pursuance of the second PG degree. Thus, the PIO is of the view that you are entitled to pursue PG degree in another subject and once you
obtain such recognized medical qualification and get your additional qualification registered you may practice as a Specialist in that subject.

You can comment below for further discussion.

Updated on 12.03.2020

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  1. Hardik says:

    Hello Sir! Thank you very much for providing this useful information. I have asked around and some students doing M.D. Microbiology at civil hospital have told me that one can’t do MD Endocrinology or MD Immunology after Md Biochemistry. Is there any other way to confirm your article sir? Please acknowledge.. Thank you very much.

  2. shri says:

    hello sir,,,nice info….
    May i know a DNB candiate elligible for writing DM enterncae.,,,,please clerify….
    As per maharastyra DM enternece criteria–>”The candidate must possess recognized postgraduate degree MD/MS or its equivalent from a medical college recognized by MCI”……………….i agree DNb is equivalent bt nowhere it is being done from medical college………….here in criteria they have asked eqivalent degree from medical college………………..

    plz clrify,,,thanks

  3. kalpana jaju says:

    Sir I have checked net for options post my MD microbiology I haven’t found anything kindly suggest something I m interested to do something that is clinically oriented thanking you – Dr. Kalpana jaju

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      In India right now there are not major career opportunities for Medical Genetics but in future is bound to play a big role and high demand. You can also open a Genetic counseling clinic which is gaining some interest of people in India.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      That way you can even do MD of any specialty by cracking AIPGMEE or any state level exam. There is no such bar that you can’t do MD/ MS after doing PG from a specialty.

  4. kalpana jaju says:

    K thank u sir that wz exactly what I wanted to know because I had heard that once u finish MD u can’t do any other MD .your information was very useful for me

  5. Sharath Chandra says:

    Apologize for one mistake about the BHU DM endocrinology eligibility link on above comment on feb 22nd, It should be read as MD Biochemistry , I mentioned as MD Micro, by mistake, the rest are same … The prospectus reads : For the DM (endocrinology) MD/DNB in Biochemistry candidates are also eligible , Thank You


    Hi myself Dr SHAILESH BARPHE. Did MD pulmonary medicine want to do DM cardiology. Why only maharashtra allows MD pulmonary medicine for Dm Cardio n why not other exams??? B coz Mic rule states that MD pulmonary medicine is eligible for DM Cardio. Pls send me any links of exams where I can opt for DM Cardio with MD pulmonary Med.

  7. dharanir says:

    sir i got 51.48 and i am mbc. Will i be qualified for counselling, if yes then what course will i get???????

  8. Dr Cool says:

    Very helpful article sir…but I would like to point out that DNB candidates are eligible for DM….reference is from AIIMS and Kerala super speciality prospectus

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Yes, thank you for pointing that out but it only applies to those specific exams. For example MH-SSET information brochure mentions no such thin that DNB candidates are eligible for DM/ MCh.

      • Dr Cool says:

        I think it’s d other way round…Even Jipmer and CMC vellore have clearly stated that DNB students are eligible for superspeciality…the same with Tamilnadu MGR university and Delhi university

      • S. Mohinish says:

        1st of all , i like 2 thank you 4 ur valuable reply as this thread clears many doubts.

        I would like 2 knw more bout DNB non-surgical courses , present scenario of DNB in regards of passing rate n scope in future..
        I love teaching , taking classes ..
        Do DNB ppl eligible for geting teaching posts in govt setup / shd hv certain period of exp. as tutor ?? Bcz prospectus says smethg but practically i see diff thg happeing…
        Kindly rply evn if my qustn seems silly bcz i dnt hv any basic info reg Dnb.
        Thank you…

  9. pooja says:

    hello sir..after completing md anesthesia i want to do fellowship or dm in critical care medicine..what is the procedure for applying for ccm? where is it available? what are the salary packages after doing fellowship in ccm?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Depends on the exam but AIIMS Upper Age limit is 35 years, Upper age limit is relaxable in case of SC/ST candidates by a maximum of 5 year, OBC Candidates by a maximum of 3 years and The upper age limit is not applicable to sponsored candidates.

  10. Dr.Umesh says:

    Respected Sir, can you please tell if any superspecialisation can be done after DNB Pathology? I have DNB counseling on 31. Thanks

  11. Medha says:

    sir after M.D. pathology what are further aspects, i dont want to b a paraclinician all my life i want to do something more. please help

  12. KALYAN says:

    Sir, I’m from Andhra pradesh, I’m doing Diploma(pumlonology) in medical college, do I have any chance to do DM Cardiology ? I’m planning to do post diploma (respiratory medicine) in DNB, after that, can I do DM cardiology ? Please give me clarity sir. Thanx in advance.

  13. Dr aditya says:

    Sir right now I m doing MD in pathology ,but I m interested in clinical side , am I eligible for writing entrance after my MD? ..becoz most of them r telling I m not eligible..can u please tell me whether I m eligible or not,and post few links supporting the same

  14. anna says:

    sir i am pursuing my md degree in medicine and i want to prepare for my dm examinations from now only …kindly guide me about the upcoming branches in which competition is less and practice is gud i mean financially..and also guide me about the study material fo DM examinations…
    what are the future prospectus for DM oncology?
    please guide sir ..

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Study material for DM entrance exams are same as that of PG medical entrance exams and only difference being that DM entrance exams are comparatively easier to crack as they have difficulty level lower than MD exams. Few other reasons are also involved like residents do not get enough time to study and many people do not even give these exams.
      Now coming to branches, nowadays there is competition in everything. Medical Oncology is something which has high future prospects as oncology is something which is far from saturated when it comes to treatment or even development of new drugs for that matter.

  15. anna says:

    sir i am doing MD Medicine and this is my second year i want to prepare for my dm examinations .. kindly guide me about the study material and the upcoming branches in wchich the competition is less and practice is gud..
    please guide about the future prospectus of medical oncology….

  16. kalpana jaju says:

    Sir I m in my final yr MD micro n want to prepare for DM immunology from now itself kindly guide me how I should proceed n what I should read for that

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      You should start reading subject-wise books which I have mentioned in a article on this site itself. There is no separate preparation strategy for DM entrance exams as questions are very much similar only difference being that exam is a bit on easier side.

      • kalpana jaju says:

        Sir , did u mean v have to read all the ug subjects for DM exam I didn’t get you could u plz post the instructions for DM prepn again

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Yes you have to study all the UG subjects just like preparation for AIPGMEE but main weightage is of the subject of your specialty. For example in MH-SSET 100 marks weightage is for all subjects included for MBBS course and 50 marks are for respective specialties like Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Pathology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Resp. Medicine and Anesthesia. So a Pharmacologist will get 50 marks questions from Pharmacology subject and 100 marks from all the subjects included for MBBS course.

  17. jaishree shinde says:

    sir i m from maharashtra i got md biochemistry in pgmcet 1st round i have option among md biochemistry ; md pharmac ; md psm ;md micro n dcp.sir i m confused which br s better to choose..kindly guide me..

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you want a totally non-clinical subject and want to work in Pharma industry then Phamac is a good option. Otherwise I would say DCP should be a choice if you have interest in Patho.

  18. jaishree shinde says:

    thank u sir.sir s secondary dnb after dcp s difficult to pass.passing rate are low.actualy i m interested in patho but after dcp i m confused about its scope in practice.kindly give ur opinion.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you are interested in Pathology then DCP should be your option. Don’t think too much about passing rate of DNB right now. It is better to wait for couple of years to pass the subject which you like rather than doing something which you don’t like. After DCP you can get SR posts in Govt. hospitals or you can open your own patho lab if you are willing to invest. Also there are few opportunities in which DCP people also get hired in patho labs if they have enough experience.

  19. shradha says:


  20. Sapan verma says:

    I am getting following degrees courses eye,ent,surgery, radiotherapy, anesthesia,psychiatry& all diplomas except dmrd.unfortunately no subject is of my choice.i want to m.d medicine or dermatology. What should I do ?can I go for diploma in skin

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Well if dermatology is the subject of your choice and you do not have interest in any other subject then it is better to go for Diploma of Dermatology only. You can always do secondary DNB after that if you want.

  21. dibyajyoti says:

    sir, what are the scopes after doing dnb psychiatry,,,any superspecialty after it dm or other, job prospectus and salaries at different fields?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Psychiatry is one the few branches in which along with the practice of the speciality i.e. psychiatry in this case you also have to do General practice to earn good money, Unless you become a very good and famous psychiatrist. Still in India people count going to a psychiatrist as a taboo.
      I don’t know about the salaries in private hospitals.

      Doctor of Medicine (DM) (Geriatric Mental Health) at ‘King George Medical University’, Lucknow ( and DM (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) at ‘National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences’ (NIMHANS), Bangalore ( for candidates of MD/DNB psychiatry. Other awaiting super-specialty psychiatry course is DM (Addiction Medicine) at ‘National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre’ of ‘All India Institute of Medical Sciences’, New Delhi and ‘Centre for Addiction Medicine’, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

  22. Dr. Preetish says:

    i am doing MD Pharmacology..i am interested in doing DM Clinical Pharmacology..can you suggest me how to prepare for it?it will be a great help,

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Prepration strategy for DM entrance exams is similar to AIPGMEE only with only difference being you should concentrate more on your primary subject i.e. Pharmacology in your case. For other subjects you can go for subject wise book I have mentioned in an article on this website only.

      • Preetish says:

        Thank you for your reply.sir can you tell me which is a better idea to join an industry or academic? I’m a bit confused..what are the scopes in both?

  23. rahul says:

    sir i did MD Medicine from pgims rohtak n now desperate for interventional cardiology but the problem is that i m 40 years of age n not eligible for DM CARDIOLOGY entrance u know about any option of doing DM or equivalent degree in cardiology from ABROAD ( options other than USMLE etc ) …any information will be highly obliged..plzz help

  24. jigneshbalar says:

    hello sir, i m a gynecologist…
    can i get a list of MCH surgical oncology seats whole over india where i eligible for it….
    and i want schedule and detail of that exam

      • Sushmita Haodijam says:

        Sir, thank you for such a detailed information. I would like to know if anyone who has persuaded higher trainings i.e internal medicine training in the UK with MRCP can come back to India to give DNB exams? Please reply!

  25. dr alok kumar panigrahy says:

    sir i had completed MD anasthesiology and want to do dm in transplant anasthesia plz guide me which books to read and what is the future of transplant anasthesia

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Books to read for superspeciality entrance exams are same as that of PG medical entrance exams. You can find all the lists of recommended books in the article here.
      About transplant anaesthesia I do not have information as none of my contacts are doing it right now. But I will try and get any information if I could.

  26. Dr komal says:

    I have recently completed my MS degree in obgy….can I pursue fellowships or short courses in UK without giving any exams ???

  27. dr.ashwini reddy says:

    Hello sir..iam doing md anesthesia and i want to prepare for super speciality entrance exams..what exams can i appear for ? Iam from Karnataka and wanted to hav sum info regarding rguhs ss cet for anesthesia..many thanks

  28. rohan sardana says:

    thank you for all the information provided
    i just wanted to verify if there is any state or hospital other than Maharashtra(as mentioned by yourself) to consider MD pathologist for DM Clinical Hematology…

    also any link which gives good guidance for the same…..

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I have not gone through information brochures of other state/ institutes, so I do not know specific criterias of their respective entrance exams. I gues you have to manually check it.

  29. kalpana jaju says:

    Sir after I do a fellowship like neuroinfection can I practice what r the career scopes after doing it. For clinical immunology I think there are only 4 seats available so how should I prepare myself if I want to appear for the exam

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Sorry, no idea about future scopes in this field.
      Also for preparation you just have to prepare like AIPGMEE with more weightage on your subject. You can also go through respective exams Information brochures for morr details on weightage.

  30. Akshay says:

    Sir i have done my mbbs from mamc delhi and have just completed my md medicine from lhmc delhi.. i wanted to know if it is possible for me to add dnb medicine degree to my qualifications. That is can i do post-graduate dnb in medicine ? And how to give dnb exam for it.. will i have to just clear theory n practical exam of dnb or give full 3 yr time to d course ? Where to find more details about it.. i tried looking up at d website but cud not find anythng relevant to my query.. thanx in advance

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Even I am coming across this query for the 1st time only. I don’t think anyone could stop you from doing DNB if you want to. About course duration, I have never heard of a lesser duration course for MD candidates. But you should contact NBE officials for a confirmed answer.

  31. kalpana jaju says:

    Sir mci has added DM infectious diseases in the list I think but details are not available .if u get any details kindly post it on the site will b thankful to u

  32. Tanmoy Ganguly says:

    Sir I have completed my MD Pathology..I have 2 quaries..1. Are there any DM courses apart from Hematopathology? and 2. Any DNB superspeciality course following MD Pathology?

  33. Tanmoy Ganguly says:

    I have completed MD Pathology…I have 2 quarries..1. Are there any DM courses apart from hematopathology? and 2. Is there any DNB superspeciality course following MD Pathology?

  34. surya says:

    Sir if a person is doing two pg courses at two different colleges how will the mci recognise that student when will a pg student name registered with mci if mci çatch that student whats the punishment will be given

      • surya says:

        Sir if the candidate gets certificate by managing with the staff in the college (or if the college doesnt take originals)and gets admitted in other college and leave the seat in first college in 6 months
        Will there be any list of candidates joining pg in various colleges with mci will it be known to mci immediately after joing in second college
        Are there any regulations regarding taking seat in two diff institutes?
        Thankinv you sir..

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          This is illegal. It is not allowed to do 2 courses at once. If caught you are liable to be prosecuted.
          I don’t know about the exact punishment which could be given but relly good chances that your registration will be cancelled.

        • surya says:

          Ok thanq sir for your quick reply
          Sir,what are the chances of knowing mci within 6 months in second college
          I was thinking mci will recognise pg degree students only after completing course

  35. Rajesh says:

    Sir,is it possible to pursue a second pg in another speciality after a masters in a different one.

  36. manoj says:

    i have completed my MD medicine what options are available for me if i want to do study further outside india ,is there any entrance test and any other good option

  37. manoj says:

    hi sir i have completed my md medicine i want to do further studies outside india are there options available what is the procedure or any other option available

  38. dr manoj says:

    hi sir i have completed my md medicine i want to do further studies outside india what are the options available kindly guide me ,are there any entrance test or any other option available

  39. shahbaaz says:

    sir dm clinical hematology after md pathology is it a clinical field or lab diagnosis field for md pathologist?

  40. shahbaaz says:

    what is the scope of oncopathologist vs clinical hematologist… from which university i can pursue oncopathology dm or fellowship?

  41. ahtisham Khan says:

    Sir I m 3rd year student of mbbs in private medical college
    My college is start in 2011.
    2011-12,2012-13,2013-14 batch present in my college
    after this batch mci not given the permission to take admission in my college
    After completing my mbbs
    M I do govt job
    Or do private practice
    Or do prctice in private hospital
    I m from up and my college also in up

  42. Stuti Sharma says:

    Lot of useful information here, Thanks a lot! Sir, I did my MD in Pathology and followed it up with Diploma in Human Genetics and European Diploma in Molecular Cytogenetics. Currently I am interested in doing a fellowship in Medical/Clinical Genetics, but in my knowledge, there is no centre offering such a course to an MD Path. Since you have mentioned the eligibility as “MD/MS in branch”, I would like to know from you if there are any such centres.

  43. dt.m.swathi says:

    i have done my M.D Biochemistry.i want to pursue D.M Endocrinology. can any colleges allow biochemistry for D.M. ENDO exam

  44. Dr Yog says:

    Hello sir, is there any way of joining DM clinical site apart from DM clinical pharmacology after MD Pharmacology??? Please help…

  45. Arindam Sur says:

    Sir I have finished MD Biochemistry and now I’m preparing for DM hematology.Am I eligible for DNB Hematology too??

  46. Abhishek says:

    Hello Sir, I m doing Md in Anaesthesiology i wud like to do DM in critical care further i wud like to know how to start preparation for it as if only 2-3 institute provide that course as SGPGi,St.johns.Is it like that all medical subjects i have to read or Only Medicine????

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Well that depends on the pattern of the exam which you are giving. Usually exams have main subject of passing as half the weightage and rest from other subjects. Reading the PG entrance books are enough to crack superspecility entrance exams as well.

  47. HARSHIT says:

    Hello sir,myself Dr.Harshit,have finished DNB ANAESTHESIOLOGY.I want to ask one thing that why are Anaesthesia people not allowed for DM in either cardiology or Nephrology.If DM cardiology is allowed after MD Respiratory Medicine,why not Anaesthesia people should be allowed for the same.Is there any specific body to whom we can write on this issue.

  48. SANKAR says:

    SIR ,

  49. dr gaurav says:

    sir,please give any information regarding governament order by which AIIMS,PGIMER,SGIPGI have set upper age limit for DM/Mch entrance of 35 years for general catagory students.thanks

  50. rahul says:

    Dear Dr Paresh, its indeed a great forum and you are guiding a lot of people.
    My name is Rahul and i have done MD in gen medicine from Bangalore, Karnataka.
    I belong to UP and i had done my MBBS from Maharashtra. I am planning to appear in subspeciality exams.
    I have a few questions to ask you.

    1. Is the DM entrance state specific?
    2. If it is so, then can you please suggest me what all state exams i can write?
    2. What is the acceptable maximum age to appear in DM/DNB subspeciality entrance exam?
    3. Does the DNB subspecialty applicant needs to have domicile for that particular state where the “applied for” hospital is located?
    4. Can you kindly suggest me a site which gives a comprehensive list of all the hospitals offering DM/DNB in medicine subspecialities?

    Sincere thanks and regards.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      1. I don’t know about all of them, but as far as I know, any state person can appear for it.
      2. You have to check individual state super specialty exam eligibility for that.
      3. There is no official maximum age but AIIMS has this 35 years maximum age for open category students.
      4. List of DM courses can be found on MCI website here.

  51. dr priyanka says:

    hello sir,i have completed M.D. want to do DM or fellowship in pediatric nephrology..can u provide list of colleges???

  52. harsh pareek says:

    Sir , I belong to an health portal, so in that case I need your help.
    please provide me all the name /eligibility/duration of the courses available in INDIA.
    All these details which you will provide me , will be published by your name only.

  53. rahul says:

    Dear Dr Koli, I have gathered that their is no age criteria in all india DM entrance examination (except AIIMS), especially with respect to Uttar Pradesh. Can you kindly confirm the same please. Regards.

  54. rahul says:

    Hello sir…a marvellous effort indeed to spare so much of your valuable time and solving others queries.Best wishes for you….
    I want to know whether like DM enterance exams,fellowship enterance exams like FNB also ask questions on all the UG subjects.

  55. Abha says:

    Please tell the course with institute name running fellowship/DM/ Phd course run in India after Completion of MD (Physiology).

  56. Sudhanshu Gupta says:

    What is the scope of DA + IDCCM course.How much I can expect to earn after completion of IDCCM. Or is there some other good fellowsip that are better recognized pan india except mci post DA.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      IDCCM is a very common course done after DA and earning potential is very high in it. From my friends I had come to know that people in ICUs earn minimum 1 lakh per month and even going more than 2 lakhs per month over a period of time.

  57. Dr kalpana says:

    Sir I did my ug from andhra Pradesh n m doing MD microbiology now wanted to o know if I wanted to appear for pg cet again can I write Maharashtra cet now

  58. Dr.Anne says:

    Sir, I did my md physiology and wish to do study further. DM immunology is not available as a course anywhere in India as per mci site. kindly advise .With Thanks, Anne

  59. Balaji says:

    Im doing ms ent
    I like mch neuro very much
    Before few urs ent surgeons r allowed to do mch neuro
    Now it is not so
    Wil they rechange the criteria in near future
    If not I also wish to do six yrs dnb neuro after ms ent
    Plz help me regarding this

  60. shabana begum says:

    sir heylo…am preparing for my pg entrance…i qualified AIIMS exam this novemnber. i may get ophthalmology in aiims. but am intersted in neurosurgery. can i do neurosurgery after ms opthal?

  61. shabana begum says:

    sir am preparing for my pg entrance. i qualified this november AIIMS. i may get ophthalmology.. but am intersted in neurosurgery. can i do neurosurgery after specialising in opthal?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Hi, You can do almost all DM courses with an MC Medicine degree. All the courses allowed are mentioned in this article. Also only AIIMS has age limit for DM entrance exams as far as I know. So you can give state level and other institutes DM entrance exams.

  62. Aviraj says:


  63. IMRAN says:

    Sir, I have done M.D physiology in 2013. Now working in a medical college. I am interested in M.D / D.N.B in General Medicine. Will I be allowed to do as per MCI? Kindly guide. I have heard that I wont be allowed for….Please do reply how to go about it

  64. IMRAN says:

    Sir, I have done M.D Physiology in 2013, now working in Medical college. I am interested in doing M.D / D.N.B General Medicine. Am I allowed to pursue another Master’s Degree now ? or is it that i will not be allowed for entrance exams…Please help with the information

  65. IMRAN says:

    Sir can i do MD / DNB in General Medicine after MD in Physiology? I have completed MD Physiology in 2013 and working in a medical college now. I am planning to give All India PG and PrimaryDNB entrance test. Am i allowed to appear them and suppose if i clear can i take MD / DNB MEDICINE?is it allowed to have Dual masters….Please help with the information

  66. Saumya says:

    My kind appreciation for your activities. If a doctor can do better services knowing complementary subjects with his/ her merits, Its a two way advantage for doctor and patients. It should be allowed by MCI.

  67. Anuj says:

    sir, thnx for sharing the information and guiding everyone….ms ent people are eligible for mch neurosurgery in AIIMS.
    my query is….do u have any idea about whats the process of making a post graduate degree eligible for super-speciality exams…i mean….is it some kind of decision taken by the mci in isolation or are the candidates(ent in above case or pulmonary med pgs being eligible for cardiology) allowed to make a submission.

  68. Anuj says:

    sir, thanx for sharing the information and guiding everyone……
    my query is……do u have any idea about “how a particular post graduate degree (e.g. Ent pgs being allowed to appear in Mch courses) is allowed to be eligible for DM/MCH courses….i mean is this done by mci in isolation or can the candidates make a submission

  69. DIMPLE says:

    Sir first of all i would like to congradulate you as well as thank u for creating such a huge forum for all d medicos to discuss and clear our doubts. thank u sir.

  70. DIMPLE says:

    SIR thank u so much for creating such a huge discussion forum. sir i did my MD Anatomy , i want to know whT re the DM courses which i can do?and where? is der any fellowship courses which i can do to enter into the clinical side?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Most of the people do fellowships after doing MS Orthopedics. Earning varies, I have seen starting package of poeple from Rs. 50000 and it increases as your experience grows. After this sky is the limit depending on your skills.

        • Kar an says:

          Also how much is the earning per surgery? Is it combined with the salary or is the doctor’s fee per salary given separately?

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            A doctor can either be salaried or can be paid depending on the number of patients seen or operated. It all depends on the hospital/ clinic you are tieing up with. Earning per surgery can go as low as Rs. 2000/ surgery as far as I have heard. As there is too much competition in the healthcare sector nowadays, some surgeons are ready to do surgeries for very less. Upper limit can go in lakhs depending on the type of surgery, hospital and your skills.

  71. Tarun says:

    Sir , i wanted to know whether i can do degree after diploma Anaesthesiology ? Can we re-appear in Aipg exams after finishing diploma and take up a degree seat in other speciality like surgery or medicine ?

  72. shahbaaz says:

    sir you have mentioned that md path is not eligible for dnb hemat but in dnb 2015 information bulletin md path is eligible for dnb hemat…kindly clarify this thing sir and regarding syllabus of dnb cet ss medical grp it is basic applied sciences and a pathologist should prepare in medicine rather than pathology for the entrance?

      • DR Saumya says:

        As per the Mci regulations regarding second MD I got the answer of rti filed regarding the query from Mci. It is that one can be specialist in 2 subjects and practice both.

          • dr saumya says:

            Registration Number MEDCI/R/2015/60655
            Name Saumya Singh
            Date of Filing 11/12/2015
            Request filed with Medical Council of India
            Status REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 08/01/2016
            Reply :‐ The Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 are silent regarding pursuance of second PG
            degree. Thus, the PIO is of the view that you are entitled to pursue PG degree in another subject and once you
            obtain such recognized medical qualification and get your additional qualification registered you may practice
            as a Specialist in that subject.
            CPIO Details :‐
            Shikhar Ranjan
            Phone: 01125367033
            [email protected]
            First Appellate Authority Details:‐
            Dr. Reena Nayyar
            Phone: 01125361272
            secy‐[email protected]
            Nodal Officer Details
            Telephone Number 011‐25361330
            Email Id [email protected]

          • mridul says:

            sir can u please send me the scanned copy or atleast a photo of the document to me on MCI reply of allowing dual MD degree RTI u filed??itz very important at the moment .kindly send me to my email id

            [email protected]

        • Dr Saumya says:

          Registration Number MEDCI/R/2015/60655
          Name Saumya Singh
          Date of Filing 11/12/2015
          Request filed with Medical Council of India
          Status REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 08/01/2016
          Reply :‐ The Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 are silent regarding pursuance of second PG
          degree. Thus, the PIO is of the view that you are entitled to pursue PG degree in another subject and once you
          obtain such recognized medical qualification and get your additional qualification registered you may practice
          as a Specialist in that subject.
          CPIO Details :‐
          Shikhar Ranjan
          Phone: 01125367033
          [email protected]
          First Appellate Authority Details:‐
          Dr. Reena Nayyar
          Phone: 01125361272
          secy‐[email protected]
          Nodal Officer Details
          Telephone Number 011‐25361330
          Email Id [email protected]

          • mridul says:

            DEAR SAUMYA SIR, can you plz send me the scanned copy of ur RTI reply of MCI which you got regarding persuance of dual degree ?it will be really heplfull if u send it to my id ….my id is

            [email protected]

          • mridul says:

            dr saumya, can u please send me the scanned copy or atleast a photo of the document to me on MCI reply of allowing dual MD degree RTI u filed??itz very important at the moment .kindly send me to my email id

            [email protected]

          • guru says:

            DEAR SAUMYA SIR, can you plz send me the scanned copy of ur RTI reply of MCI which you got regarding persuance of dual degree ?it will be really heplfull if u send it to my id ….my id is [email protected]

  73. Timirkant says:

    Hi sir
    Thank you for such a wonderful post.
    I would like to know that after completing MD psychiatry in India, what are the fellowships available abroad ?
    For eg. If I would like to do child or geriatric psychiatry fellowship at US, then what is the way for it.
    How to apply for it ? What is the procedure to be done ? Is it allowed for Indians to do fellowship or some kind of entrance exams like MLE has to be given?
    Kindly throw some light. Thank you

  74. Dr. Aparna Srivastava says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to know way are the options after I complete my study I.e M.D transfusion I not go into superspecialization for Any subject..kindly reply nd guide…

  75. shri says:

    HELLO KOLI SIR…..THANKS for all info….
    sir wn do usually AIIMS condcut DM enternace exams,,i mean wt month,,,
    plz provide the link if possible,,,,
    thanking you

  76. dr karishma says:

    I have done my mbbs and was trying for a pg seat.But even after 3 repeats my score is not good enough. I have decided to pursue a course in MD patho or MD biochem. But i want to know about job prospects after these. And also what clinical courses can i take after doing MD in either of them.

  77. manoj says:

    after doing pg diploma course in anaesthesiology can a candidate do p.g degree course in surgery in andhra pradesh

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Depends on the exam but the major portion is from the specialty of yours i.e. Medicine and minor from other subjects. Refer information brochures of respective exams for the details.

  78. shubhangi srivastava says:

    sir, after taking pg seat through AIPGMEE, can i give AIPGMEE exam again while doing pg? plz reply sir

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Yes, you can. But if you are planning to leave the seat if you are getting a seat in next year counseling, make sure you enquire about the bond in the state you are taking admission in.

  79. Nishat says:

    can I apply for endocrinology superspeciality in INdia after finishing 3 years of Internal Medicine in US? How would I approach for this? Please suggest

  80. Dilip Vaishnav says:

    sir, plz help, I hv taken MD forensic in jan 2016 in PGI, but in all india my rank is 10096, via which I could get DA from MP, Im 2012 mbbs paas out ,cant study anymore fr all india ….. should I stay with FM or change to DA….????