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After writing the article “Last Rank of Degree Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota” I started working on similar data for Diploma courses for PG Medical counsellings of years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

I am posting the table below. As mentioned in degree courses article please check out points to remember as well, as it will help in a better understanding of this data. This article will be updated further after the availability of allotment lists of further rounds of AIPG 2014 as only Round 1 was completed at the time of writing this article. (Updated with AIPG 2014 Counseling Round 2, Round 3, extended Round 3 allotment Data and AIPG 2015 Round 1, 2 & 3, AIPG 2016 round  1 & 2, NEET PG 2017 round 1 & 2 allotment data, NEET PG 2018 round 1 & 2 allotment data, NEET PG 2019 round 1 & 2 allotment data, and NEET PG 2020 round 1 allotment data )

Trends in NEET PG 2020 counseling

  • Total number of diploma seats were again very low so it is difficult to infer anything about the trend

Trends in NEET PG 2018 and 2019 counseling

In the counseling of NEET PG 2018 and 2019 my Medical Counseling Committee ( there were some major changes.

  • There was a significant increase in the number of seats for PG medical counseling (more than 5000 seats were increased)
  • Counseling of certain universities like Delhi University was combined with NEET PG 2018 and 2019counseling
  • Many colleges converted the diploma seats to degree seats as government and MCI had offered the colleges an option for the upgradation, so the number of degree seats increased
  • Management quota seats were included in the counseling for the students who were willing to pay the exorbitant fees of private medical colleges
  • The last rank at which seats went shot up significantly
  • Due to the increase in the clinical seats, cut off/the last rank of non-clinical and para clinical seats increased even further
  • Some diploma courses did not have any seats seen in the counseling as they must have been converted into degree seats

Trends in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 Counseling

A trend in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 counseling which can be noticed is that although the total number of diploma seats have been increased, the last rank at which a seat as gone has increased for most of the subjects (mainly clinical subjects). So cut-off is higher for most of the subjects in the 1st round of AIPG 2015 counseling. Some big examples I would like to mention are Diploma in Clinical Pathology – DCP (Last rank 11904 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 110822 in Round 1 AIPG 2015), Diploma of Oto-rhino laryngology – ENT (Last rank 9425 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 7223 in Round 1 AIPG 2015), Diploma of Ophthalmology (Last rank 7830 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 6498 in Round 1 AIPG 2015), DGO (Last rank 6057 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 5155 in Round 1 AIPG 2015) and Diploma of Anaesthesiology – DA (Last rank 8311 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 6858 in Round 1 AIPG 2015). This trend can mainly to linked to the unpredictability of this NBE and Prometric conducted exam along with every year a case being filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court for changes in counseling schedule and method. These things are probably forcing students to secure a seat in the 1st round of counseling itself.

Trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 Counseling

Just like degree courses, trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 counseling for diploma courses were similar to one in round 1 for some subjects but different for others. The cutoff of some of the diploma PG medical seats was at higher rank when compared to Round 2 of AIPG 2014 counseling or counseling of years previous to AIPG 2014 and for most diploma courses were at lower ranks. Few examples of comparison between Round 2 of AIPG 2014 and 2015 counselings for open category students are, Diploma in Clinical Pathology – DCP (last rank of 13543 in 2014 and 11778 in 2015), Diploma of Ophthalmology – DOMS (last rank of 8602 in 2014 and 7554 in 2015) and Diploma in Psychological Medicine (last rank of 8282 in 2014 and 869 in 2015). This could probably be linked to Hon’ble Supreme Court order of carrying out Round 1 of state counselings before AIPG 2015 Round 2.

Trends in NEET PG 2017 Counseling

  1. There was an increase in the number of PG seats by 5000 by the government of India and MOHFW.
  2. This caused the last ranks for all the subjects to rise significantly.
  3. Some major change in the last rank in NEET PG 2017 Round 2 counseling compared to AIPG 2016 Round 2 counseling were, rise in the last ranks in NEET 2017 by 58% for Diploma in community medicine, 25% for Diploma in T.B. and chest medicine, 28% for diploma in psychological medicine, 27% for diploma in orthopedic surgery, 33% for diploma in gynecology and obstetrics (DGO) for general category students. Similarly, rise by 68% for Diploma in T.B. and chest medicine for ST category students.

Points to Remember

  1. In the allotment list of the year 2013, there is no mention of “Diploma of Industrial Hygiene” but there was mention of “Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene” which was not mentioned in 2012. So I have included both in a separate section (rows).
  2. In allotment list of years 2012 and 2013 there was no mention of “Diploma of Maternal & Child Welfare” which was present in 2012. SO again I have included both in separate sections (rows).
  3. “Diploma of Bacteriology” was not present in the Round 1 allotment list of the year 2014.
  4. For diplomas with a very low number of seats, reserved seats were not available for some allotments.

You can download the PDF file of the above data table from the links below.

NEET PG 2020

NEET PG 2019

NEET PG 2018

NEET PG 2017

AIPG 2016

AIPG 2015

AIPG 2014

NEET PG 2013

AIPG 2012

Updated on 26-04-2020

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  1. ratan says:

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  2. Dhanya says:

    sir, my 50%QUOTA AIR is 22642 in neet pg 2017.can i get md/ms clinical seat in any private medical college in india

  3. yuri kashiv says:

    sir my air is ur 13349/ obc 3771 in neet pg 2017 …what clinical degree/diploma/dnb in govt colleges only, can i except??can u please tell me for unreserved as well as obc??

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      You might get DPM and a distant chance of getting DA. OBC category does not matter much as the seats are less for that category. So for most of the years, UR ranks are similar to OBC ones.

  4. Shalini says: all india 50% quota rank is 9751..obc category rank is 3033..any clinical diploma or dnb clinical sub is possible for this rank sir??

  5. Shalini says:

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  7. Somrita Biswas says:

    Sir my All India 50% rank is 27755, SC cat.
    NEET score is 765, rank 46k…what are the chances in Pvt colleges for Clinical degree???
    Please suggest if Clinical seats are possible in Pvt colleges.

  8. vibhum goel says:

    sir my neet pg rank is 39906 general category. is their any chance for non clinical branch in gov. clg or clinical branch in private clg through neet councelling

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    Good morning sir. My SC Cat rank is 486. AIR is 12929. Do i have a chance of getting Gen Med in govt. coll this year?

  11. drvipul patel says:

    Sir my neet pg rank is 6918..
    Which branch can i hav in allindia and dnb…?
    50%allindia quota rank is 6303..

  12. Truth seeer says:

    Neet ,dnb and private colleges included how much rank shift this cause on all india qouta alltment in comparision to prevous yrs

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  14. Sreenivas says:

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  15. Hanish shashidhar says:

    Sir after dnb family medicine can I opt for dch as I am interested in pediatrics and want to learn more

  16. Rakesh verma says:

    Sir my neet pg rank in 50% all India quota is 24700 & obc category rank is there is any chance of getting DA or patho in private otherwise what can I get?

  17. prashant says:

    1) DNB rank 6500. can i get anaesthesia in good institutions? 2) in what kind of govt colleges is DA available ( AIR 50%- 6250) – good/mediocre/for degree

  18. Dr mahesh says:

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  21. dr. neetu dwivedi says:

    hello sir …. i have got all india rank 21000 and i m a general candidate. is there any chance to get dgo and dch? or other diploma course

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    Sir my all India 50% rank is 22014
    Karnataka state rank -3209

    Sir what are the possibilities in all India , Kcet and DNB.?

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    Thank you sir.!

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    and 2nd is in may aiims pgi jipmer is coming
    as in st category 7-8 seats are there
    the thing is if our desired seat in not in st category and if 1 get a good rank can we opt in ur quota
    and if not
    when we apply for registration can we choose in application form ur category ispite of being st category

  33. koralapu says:

    sir very good morning… it would be much of help if you could tell me the possibilities of branch for my rank aipg(34672) and 50% quota rank (26609) and my 50% sc quota rank is (2218)..i am a foreign med graduate and belong to andhra pradesh for which i am not elligible. sincerely very good work sir.
    in advance thanl you sir.

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  36. SS says:

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    Rank 18600
    belong to Telangana…hopefully in AIQ for far off places – General Category? Any PG/DNB/DIploma Seats?

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