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During counseling for Post Graduate medical courses admission students have doubts regarding which subject can be got at their rank. This can be best known by analyzing counseling allotment of the previous few years but students usually do not have that much time to analyze those long list of documents.

This article is for MD/ MS courses, for diploma courses visit this article “Last Rank of Diploma Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota”

So help students in this matter I have created a comparison chart by which students can easily know at what rank a seat has gone in years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 so that they could decide their counseling preference filling more efficiently. I have also included categories like UR (Un-Reserved), SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe), and OBC (Other Backward Caste) for much more insight in counsellings. I have not included the PH (Physically Handicapped) category because it was practically impossible to include that data in one single file and would have led to unnecessary confusion and lengthening of data.

I have also included some points to remember from this PG medical allotment which will be helpful for students at the end of this article. The article has been Updated with AIPG 2014 Counseling Round 2, Round 3, extended Round 3 allotment Data and AIPG 2015 Round 1, 2 & 3, AIPG 2016 round  1 & 2, NEET PG 2017 round 1 & 2 allotment data, NEET PG 2018 round 1 and round 2 allotment data, NEET PG 2019 round 1 and round 2 allotment data, and NEET PG 2020 round 1 allotment data. I have not included management quota seats and only included the All-India quota seats as the management quota seat ranks were way too high and it represents money power rather than the trend.

Trends in NEET PG 2020 counseling

  • For some seats the laste ranks were higher and for some they were lower than NEET PG 2019 counseling
  • Overall for non-clinical and paraclinical seats the ranks were higher than the previous year. So most clinical subjects the ranks were similar or lower than previous year
  • Reason for this may be due to increase in number of clinical seats

Trends in NEET PG 2018 and 2019 counseling

In the counseling of NEET PG 2018 and 2019 my Medical Counseling Committee ( there were some major changes.

  • There was a significant increase in the number of seats for PG medical counseling (more than 5000 seats were increased)
  • Counseling of certain universities like Delhi University was combined with NEET PG 2018 and 2019 counseling
  • Many colleges converted the diploma seats to degree seats as government and MCI had offered the colleges an option for the upgradation, so the number of degree seats increased
  • Management quota seats were included in the counseling for the students who were willing to pay the exorbitant fees of private medical colleges
  • The last rank at which seats went shot up significantly
  • Due to the increase in the clinical seats, cut off/the last rank of non-clinical and para clinical seats increased even further
  • New courses like MPH Epidemiology, MD Hospital Administration, Community Health Administration, MD Family Medicine, and MD Palliative Medicine were introduced.
  • A major increase (more than 100% increase) in the last rank for round 1 was observed for general category students/ seats, for example, MD Anatomy course saw 137% increase in the last rank for the seat (22672 for NEET PG 2017 to 53792 for NEET PG 2018)
  • A similar trend was seen in NEET PG 2019 counseling with the last rank going even further
  • For ST category students the last rank actually was worse in NEET PG 2018 than NEET PG 2017 in courses like General Medicine, Pediatric and Respiratory Medicine.

Trends in NEET PG 2017 counseling

Trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 counseling for degree courses were similar to one in round 1 for some subjects but different for others. The cutoff of some of the degree PG medical seats was at higher rank when compared to Round 2 of AIPG 2014 counseling or counseling of years previous to AIPG 2014 and some were at significantly lower ranks. Few examples of comparison between Round 2 of AIPG 2014 and 2015 counselings for open category students are, MD Geriatric Medicine (last rank of 1510 in 2014 and 2661 in 2015), MD Psychiatry (last rank of 5050 in 2014 and 8869 in 2015) and MS General Surgery (last rank of 3398 in 2014 and 3186 in 2015). This could probably be linked to Hon’ble Supreme Court order of carrying out Round 1 of state counselings before AIPG 2015 Round 2.

Trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 Counseling

  1. There was an increase in the number of PG seats by 5000 by the government of India and MOHFW.
  2. This caused the last ranks for all the subjects to rise significantly.
  3. Some major change in the last rank in NEET PG 2017 Round 2 counseling compared to AIPG 2016 Round 2 counseling were, rise in the last ranks in NEET 2017 by 50% in MD Nuclear Medicine, 32% in MD Radiodiagnosis, 40% in MS Orthopaedics, 35% in MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 34% in MD Paediatrics, 35% each in MD General Medicine & MS Ophthalmology for general category students.

Trends in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 Counseling

A trend in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 counseling which can be noticed is that although the total number of seats have been increased, the last rank at which a seat as gone has increased for most of the subjects (mainly clinical subjects). So cut-off is higher for most of the subjects in the 1st round of AIPG 2015 counseling. Some big examples I would like to mention are MS Ophthalmology (Last rank 4066 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 3187 in Round 1 AIPG 2015), MS General Surgery (Last rank 3331 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 2864 in Round 1 AIPG 2015) and MD Anaesthesiology (Last rank 4781 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 4049 in Round 1 AIPG 2015). This trend can mainly be linked to the unpredictability of this NBE and Prometric conducted exam along with every year a case being filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court for changes in counseling schedule and method. These things are probably forcing students to secure a seat in the 1st round of counseling itself.

Points to Remember

  1. Seats like MD Radiology, when taken by students, are withdrawn by students, so in subsequent rounds sometimes cut off is higher than that is 1st round.
  2. For seats like MD Nuclear medicine, MD Geriatric Medicine, MD Emergency Medicine & Critical care only a few seats are allotted to each category so cutoff will not include categories to which seats were not allotted.
  3. “Dermatology +” sections include MD Dermatology, MD Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, and MD Skin VD.
  4. In 2013 NEET and extra round (4th round) was conducted in a special situation as directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. So data of that Round is not reliable for prediction because that was the 1st time in history that a 4th round was conducted that too after almost 7-8 months after conducting the exam and many students preferred to prepare for next year’s exam which was only a few months away.
  5. Every year there is an increase in PG seats, so cut off gets lower each time.
  6. States with a low stipend, a higher number of post-PG government services and a high amount of bonds are not preferred by students.
  7. Eligible ST students usually get clinical seats at their ranks, so Subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, etc which are allotted to their category are usually left vacant.
  8. OBC students have cut off almost similar to unreserved students and the majority of the time they get allotted seats from the UR category.
  9. In extended Round 3 of AIPG 2014 counseling rank shift is more in low demand subjects and in reserved seats compared to previous rounds of the same year and Round 4 of NEET 2013.

You can download the PDF file of the above data table from the links below.

NEET PG 2020

NEET PG 2019

NEET PG 2018

NEET PG 2017

AIPG 2016

AIPG 2015

AIPG 2014

NEET PG 2013

AIPG 2012

Abbreviation in the Allotment lists:

AIQ: All India Quota Seats
MNG: Management/ Paid Seats
NRI: NRI Seats
MM: Muslim Minority
JM: Jain Minority
DU: Delhi University Internal
AMU: Aligarh Muslim University Internal
BHU: Banaras Hindu University Internal
GN: Open Seat
GN PH: Open PH Seat
GNNO: Open (General and Open)
GN PH: Open PH

For data table of Diploma courses allotments of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 click here

Updated on 26-04-2020

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  1. siddhi sane says:

    sir thank u so much.. i lost dnb nuclear medicine last year due to confusion and undermining the seat matrix .. will make it a point to attend counselling this year.

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    Is there any possibility to get diploma course or pg in any sub ;as my All India is around 44000 and around 5000 among sc cat

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      Dear all ;those who have completed their mbbs successfully and also have cleared the neet pg 2016 exams are welcome here for your medical post graduate seats md/ms….
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  3. santosh verma says:

    hello sir, my obc rank in aipg is 7946. there is any chance to get any clinical or nonclinical seat. plz reply..

  4. piya says:

    Is there any possibility to get diploma course or pg in any sub ;as my All India is around 30563 and around 2264 among sc cat

  5. Mahesh says:

    sir, with rank 3308, is ms general surgery possible from a decent college, with this year’s counselling? ur Category..

  6. revathi says:

    My all india rank is 2008 n dnb 797.i am interestd in paed n med…is it possible to get thru all india? Or.shud i opt dnb

  7. Dr. Lawrence Kindo says:

    My AIPGMEE Rank is 29302 and ST Category Rank is 398. What clinical subjects can I expect and which colleges?

    Also, I am a Priority III candidate for AFMS Institutions. Which subjects can I expect to get? I wish to study at AFMC – Which subjects are feasible at my Rank?

  8. doc says:

    sir,my AIPGMEE 2016 rank 33121 and SC cat rank 2574,, what the possibilities getting DEGREE & DIPLOMA seats in west bengal???????

  9. doc says:

    sir,thnk u .sir,plz tell can iget COMMUNITY MEDICINE /BIOCHEMISTRY IN good colleges of west bengal?????? can i get PATHOLGY (M.D) in any college if yes pls tell probable states?????

  10. sharanabasava says:

    sir, my aipgmee overall rank s 11142. sc category rank s 457. can i get general medicine in any government college?

  11. Ojasvini says:

    sir i got AIPGMEE ~2016 ,AIR 18748 and nd obc girls rank is 5719..please suggest which branch i can get in aipgmee councelling

  12. kj says:

    Hello sir, at my rank i may get psychological medicine.But i dont know anything about the field.Can you plz shed some light on it?What is the differnce betwenn pychological medicine and psychiatry?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Diploma in Psychiatry is called DPM (Diploma in psychological medicine). Course duration is the only difference.
      About Psychiatry as a speciality, from what I have heard, you have to do general practice along with psychiatry practice as in India still fewer patients are ready to visit a psychiatrist. But there are many successful Psychiatrists who earn a lot of money.

  13. Rudrakhshi roy says:

    Sir,my aipgmee 2016 general rank 20347, sc rank 1189.. Is there any possibility of getting dip tb and chest medicine / dgo in west bengal??

  14. Sanara Fox says:

    Sir,my aipgmee 2016 general rank is 20347, sc rank dere any possibility of getting dip tb and chest medicine / dgo/ MD tropical medicine in WEST BENGAL??? Plz reply, sir

  15. dr gopi says:

    hi sir, my all india rank is 18041, my sc cat rank is 990, from karnataka.
    what are my chances for getting clinical master?

  16. Shweta says:

    Hello sir,
    Sir my AIR is 6495 and SC-210 can I get MD Obgy in decent college??? And plz can u suggest me institutions good for obgy tht I can get at this rank.. u reply will be a great help sir… Thanx in advance..

          • rohu says:

            SIR which one is better?? DA/DOMS/MD PATH ???
            or should i drop n prepare for next year..m confused

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            DA is as good as MD Anaesthesia; you can even choose to do a fellowship in critical care or pain medicine after that. Consider DOMS if you are planning to buy a setup and money is not an issue to you.
            MD Pathology is also a very good branch.

          • rohu says:

            money is an important issue to me..i cant afford..k then ill not go for ophtha.
            but sir what about MD PATH OR DA??should i do this? IF YES, then which one is better since MD PATH is a degree & DA is a diploma??n kindly tell colleges ill get in these two according to my rank..
            IF NO,should i prepare again??bcz this is my first attempt in aipg..
            kindly advice me in details sir..thanx a lot

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            If you are more clinically focusses then go for DA otherwise MD Pathology. Anaesthesia is one of the very few branches in which a degree and a diploma candidate is not discriminated in the hospitals.
            Regarding dropping for a year, if you are confident that you can crack the exam again and get a better rank than you can consider it. Also if you are not happy with MD Pathology or DA which you are getting then it is better to drop.

          • rohu says:

            thanx sir for ur advice ..can u please tell me for DA which colleges i’ll get n in which state
            same for MD PATH which colleges i’ll get n in which state..i require college close to delhi..
            kindly reply sir ..thank you….

        • rohu says:

          k sir..i saw the list..last year those colleges who offered DA ,not offering DA this year..they have MD..m not getting any idea now..
          can i get DA in up/punjab/gujarat/rajasthan/maharasthra/mp ?????kindly reply sir…..

          • rohu says:

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            is there any chance to get a seat in any other states???could u help me to know what states are my possibilities????
            otherwise ill leave all this n start to prepare again..dont want to waste the time..
            thanku sir..

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            As you are on the edge it is better to start the preparation right now only. Do not wait till the allotment. You will be wasting your time. If you get a desired seat in the allotment then take it as a bonus and join the seat.

  17. Th. Amit says:

    Sir, my gen rank is 13k n SC rank 576. Is there any chance of anaesthesia / ophthalmology in Delhi?

  18. chandra says:

    hi paresh sir i saw an earlier comment by you saying that DM Medical genentics in SGPGI is open for all master degree holders, are you sure as it clearly mentions that in wesite that only MD GEN MED, MD PEADS and MS OBG are only eligible

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    With Stcategory rank 595 and all India rank 34250. Is mdpathology..micro n md psychiatry possible.

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    my all india rank 7595. is that DGO possible in any round? and if not any clinical branch in any round? repl

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    Sir,my rank is 3486 in AIPGMEE 2016..what are the possibilities of getting MD Clinical seats in non-bond area??

    • sudhanshu says:

      Sir,my rank is 3486 in AIPGMEE 2016..what are the possibilities of getting MD Clinical seats in non-bond area?? i am from General Category…is there any chance of MS Optha or MD (Gyane)..does this year seats have increased in AIPGMEE 2016